My cookies are priced based on how many designs per dozen and how detailed (edible gold/silver accents) they are. Please see the 4 different categories below for pricing and descriptions. To view photo examples of each category, please view website on your desktop browser. Please keep in mind that this is a generalized guide, to receive a custom price estimate fill out the order inquiry form by clicking here. There is a 2 dozen order minimum.

  1. Basic Dozen: $42/dozen - includes up to 4 different cookie designs and no metallic detailing

  2. Detailed Dozen: $48/dozen - includes up to 4 different cookie designs and metallic detailing (gold/silver/rose gold options)

  3. Elaborate Dozen: $54/dozen - includes 5-7 design options and metallic detailing.

  4. Characters and Logos: $72 - character faces and logos are extremely meticulous and require a high level of detail. If this is too expensive for your budget, but you still want character cookies, I would recommend ordering 'character inspired' cookies (same color palette etc with no faces). See an example of 'character inspired' below in the Basic category.