Pricing for our custom cookie orders is roughly based on the number of designs and the level of detail. There is a 2 dozen minimum for all orders. Our prices range from $75/dozen to $93/dozen. Custom cookies can take approximately 1-3 days to complete from start to finish. They're a labor of love and require a lot of time and detail work. Please keep in mind that this is a generalized guide. To receive a personalized price estimate, please fill out the custom order inquiry form by clicking here.

  1. Basic Dozen: $75/Dozen - includes 1-3 designs total, up to 3 colors total, no metallic details or airbrushing

  2. Detailed Dozen: $81/Dozen - includes 1-4 designs total, up to 6 colors total, some metallic details and/or airbrushing

  3. Elaborate Dozen: $87/Dozen - 1-6 designs total, up to 8 colors total, lots of airbrushing and/or metallic details, faces

  4. Characters and Logos: $93 - 1-6 designs total (no more than 4 faces/bodies), logo work, metallic details and/or airbrushing details