Do you have a storefront?

At this time, no. Coastal Cookies operates as a legal and insured Cottage Food Business in Florida. As a Cottage Food Business, I am allowed to bake out of my home kitchen.

Can you ship?

Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping at this time. All orders MUST be local. After you pick them up, you can of course ship them. Or have a friend pick them up for you and ship!

What flavors of sugar cookies do you offer?

Our classic sugar cookie is vanilla flavored. However, we do have chocolate, lemon, almond, and orange sugar cookies available upon request. Our classic sugar cookie is iced with a vanilla/lemon royal icing.

Do you offer gluten free cookies?

Yes! Gluten free cookies are available for an additional fee. Since we do not bake gluten free cookies regularly, ingredients are purchased specially for your order. The cookies ARE baked in an environment that has gluten and it cannot be 100% guaranteed to not to have any contact with it.

What is the ordering process?

1. Please fill out the short order inquiry form on the CUSTOM ORDERS tab at the top of the page. 2. A custom price estimate will then be sent to you within 3-5 business days with options for you to review. 3. Once you have decided what you want, you can respond by email to the estimate received and let me know your choices. 4. I will then prepare a custom proposal for you including your cookie choices. The proposal also has pickup/delivery info and includes the 50% deposit request. 5. Once the 50% deposit is paid, your date is reserved. If you do not pay it within 1 week of receiving it, you may lose your spot. No orders are reserved until it has been paid. 6. Remainder of your bill is due by delivery date - there is an option to auto-schedule this in the proposal if you like. 7. I will contact you to confirm a pickup time on your chosen date. 8. Pickup your gorgeous, bound to make people jealous, sugar cookies. The end! :)

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

The earlier, the better! Royal icing sugar cookies are VERY time intensive and I usually get booked up 3-4 weeks in advance, sometimes longer. I can only handle about 3-4 orders per week - sometimes less around the holidays when I offer flash sales!