PYO = Paint Your Own! Looking for a fun and unique activity for your kids? Paint Your Own cookies are a blast to decorate, and then they get to eat it! Includes large sugar cookie with your chosen design (see photos for options). Simply dab paint brush in a little bit of water, then use paint palette (food coloring) to watercolor your cookie. Brush and paint palette included. Eat it when done! Delicious vanilla sugar cookie with vanilla royal icing. Cookie will be packaged in a bag with gift tag topper. Great treat for kids and adults alike! 


FOR LOCAL PICK UP ORDERS: Pick up will be on Tuesday, 11/23/21 in Destin. Exact location and time will be provided within 48 hours of pick up date.


FOR SHIPPED ORDERS: Cookies will be shipped between 11/17 - 11/19 via USPS Priority Mail. Flat shipping rate of $20 per order plus $5 Handling fee.

Thanksgiving PYO Cookie Kits


    1. PICK UP DATE AND LOCATION: Tuesday, 11/23/21 in Destin. Exact location and time will be provided within 48 hours of pick up date.
    2. Once you receive your completed order, it is YOUR responsibility. They are fragile. Coastal Cookies is NOT responsible for any damage or breakage that occurs after you have received them. Please store them at room temperature and not in direct sunlight - do NOT leave them in your car.
    3. If you are a no call/no show, your order will be forfeit with NO return/exchange and may be subject to resale.


    1. Cookies will be shipped between 11/17 - 11/19 via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is only offered in the US at this time.
    2. Coastal Cookies is not liable for any damage occurring during transport or otherwise after the order has been shipped and is not responsible for late packages when shipped prior to or on agreed upon shipping date.
    3. Flat shipping rate of $20 per order plus $5 Handling fee.


    1. NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES for any reason
    2. Designs may vary